Continuing with Noise Boxes

Continuing with the series from last week

I have another group using the same cube I used last week.

The test is to explore the many possible solutions to a cube.

Of course it's endless. I am holding myself to a few rules.

1.The cube is always of the same size before I transform it.

1x1x1 units with a grid of 40x40.

2. The shape needs to be possible to build. These are concepts and

I don't promise them to be easy, but hopefully they are possible.

3. Always keep in mind a Human scale.

The buildings could be 10 stories, 20 or 40 depending on your location.

My method will create 20 per second. One run will be create 200 variations.

Afterwards I review the results and pick the best ones. All of the ones I show

have been setup for CAD. The trick right now is to add a building surface to the

grid so that it can become a building.

For more see my web Gallery.

Thank you for viewing, please enjoy.


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